The Christmas takeover


Ava Charnley, staff writer

It is impossible not to notice a new trend that started a few years ago. I’ll call it The Holiday Overlap. I mean, seriously. Have you noticed that Christmas seems to be the Big Bully of all holidays, thinking it can just take over the entire fall and winter season. Christmas seems to seep its way into our lives before the Halloween season has even ended. The Christmas lights and trees start taking up valuable space in the store for a season that is two months out. Why is this happening? Why are we allowing it to happen?

The giant inflatable Santas fill the entries of the stores. The blow up Frosty seems to be saying, “Hey, you can have me if it never snows.” Then, BAM, the lawn reindeer are chill’n in the small spaces between the aisles. After awhile it seems like all you can see are the glare of the Christmas tree lights. You also know that by the beginning of November the overpriced Christmas trees come into our lives, which we all end up buying even though we know full well that they are overpriced. 

I don’t know about you, but this trend spoils the season for me. By the day after Christmas I am sick and tired of the whole scene and am more than ready to tear down the Christmas tree and lights. The Christmas takeover can just be too much at times. You’ve heard the saying too much of a good thing is no longer a good thing? That applies here. Consider joining me next year in taking back our holidays. Let’s celebrate Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November, and then follow that with Christmas. If we do, I know this little Grinch will be much happier