Why the Tide Pod challenge needs to stop


Addison Shepard, Messenger staff writer

Recently kids, and some adults, are taking  part in the “Tide Pod challenge”. People are actually eating Tide Pods! Tide Pods are little pods full of detergent that go in a washer to help clean dirty laundry. In the challenge kids only eat one Tide Pod.

It all began on January 17, 2018. First it was the “cinnamon challenge” (the cinnamon challenge is where you eat a full teaspoon of cinnamon, this relates to the “Tide Pod challenge” because both of the challenges–in my opinion–are stupid).  Then there was the fairly new Tide Pod challenge.” Now I think kids are starting the “eraser challenge.” In this new dare, kids rub an eraser on their skin until it burns…but I am here to talk about the “Tide Pod challenge” not the “eraser challenge” or the “cinnamon challenge.

On the other hand some kids think it is the best challenge there ever was. They think it is the best challenge ever because all of the “cool kids” are doing the challenge so they just jumped on the Tide Pod train. The first stop is to the hospital.

Here is a little fun fact. Did you know that Pennsylvania is making Tide Pod decorated cookies? They are making the cookies because they want kids to eat Tide Pods in a safe way. I can’t imagine how much those would sell out so people could “clickbait” and post it on YouTube. Anyway Pennsylvania must be making a lot of money off of these.

In my opinion I think that the challenge should end because people are dying from this stupid challenge. On the news it said that only the toughest of the tough can survive the tide pod challenge. I do not think that the company made the Tide Pods so kids can eat them. They were made for your washer. If you are reading this and you are thinking of doing the tide pod challenge, do not, you could die! At least 12 people have died from the challenge. You can at least eat the tide pod cookies.

I interviewed some teachers, here is what they have to say: Mrs. Brammer said,”It is horrible!”, and Mrs. Murray said, “This is news to me! I wasn’t aware that people were eating detergent. I cannot imagine why anyone would do such a thing.”  And a lot more teachers said that it is the worst challenge there ever was. I also interviewed students, here is what they have to say: Mckenna Eckhart says, “It is the most stupid challenge in the world!”, and Hannah Ladd says, “I hate this. Twelve people have already died from this dumb challenge!”

I would think that this challenge will go away before 2019, and there will be some other stupid challenge that all the teenagers are doing. But if it doesn’t, then the world population will be going down more quickly. Please! If you are reading this and you and or a family member are planning to do the challenge, please say no. You could lose yourself or a family member by doing this challenge!