Snoracles 3/3

Ask Ben Flores about being an easy target. 

Ask Elliott Kelly about being Mr. Darcy. 

Ask Taylor Hyman about her bracelet making posture.

Ask Abby O’Neil how she hits a volley.

Ask Kamren Robinson who was looking for the wood stove.

Ask FFA why skiing isn’t always fun and games.

Ask Jamison Armstrong about being the protector of Med Terms. 

Ask 2nd period AP Bio about Hay Day. 

Ask Mia Wilson about calling the police. 

Ask Mrs. Pickering about joy suckers. 

Ask Jalee Brown about her favorite section in the library.

Ask Mr. Gilbert’s 3rd hour why Friday is the best day.

Ask Hannah Ladd about being a secret spy.

Ask Ava Duval about pre SAT roasts.