Snoracles 2/24

Ask Carlos Alfaro and Bailee Curts about breaking arms.

Ask AP Chemistry about the pizza party.

Ask Ms. Griffey about her love for being a wedding photographer and about shoes.

Ask Ty Ellison about Brock Burton dragging his feet when he walks.

Ask Wren Isom about managing the boys swim team.

Ask Graham Moore about the difference between rectangles and triangles.

Ask Evann Royal about guessing birthdays.

Ask Javon Frost about how to make friends.

Ask Chase Long about being a professional google snake player. 

Ask Caden Mullins about why he’s mad at lunch.

Ask Lorelei Haley about her daily precept.

Ask Lacey Pickering about the Barbie Doll hairbrush turf.

Ask Dakota Titus about what happened to his sister’s left shoe.