Snoracles 2/10

Ask Hayley Stewart about Gustavo.

Ask Mr. Gilbert if anyone needs protecting.

Ask Emily Mears how she sits in school desks.

Ask Caleb Arthur about Mr. Fancy Pants and dancing like a bird in the Library.

Ask Rafael Flores-Cruz about saying “Good Morning” to Sam Brown and Lilly Holston.

Ask Senora Hollingsworth about dancing at the pep rally. 

Ask Evann Royal about pool inner tubes. 

Ask Mrs. Nethercutt about the pastry class scones.

Ask Braydn Gleason and Mr. T about Mr. T’s new Mitchell’s order. 

Ask Josh Hartley about his flying tackle .

Ask Allie Lawless and Rebecca Kelly about cannonball starts.

Ask Kylynn Spitznagle and Hunter Tate about running for Florida.