Snoracles 2/3

Ask Brenden Whiteman about getting beat up by the wall. 

Ask Jackson Harter about barn raising. 

Ask Riley Paz why Ms. Doyle’s room smells. 

Ask Taylor Hyman about her singing skills.

Ask Chase Long about Timber in AP Gov. 

Ask the boys swim team about having a student section at a swim meet.

Ask Mrs. Carpenter about posing for the photography class. 

Ask Brock Burton about being other people’s food feen.  

Ask Ryn Zimpfer about not using the letter I. 

Ask McKenna Eckhart how hard to throw in matball.

Ask Emma Titus about jelly beans.

Ask Koby Baxter about his flapper girl dress. 

Ask Allie Lawless, Becca Kelly, and Mia Wilson about their mermaid tails.