Snoracles 12/16

Ask Brenden Whiteman about 1/13 people. 

Ask Carlos Alfaro about stop signs.

Ask Noah Gottshall if he ever spoke French.

Ask Dakota Titus about the way Eydie Bruestle eats Oreos.

Ask Braydn Gleason about how many yards a pre-meet practice should be.

Ask Dakota Titus about the four stages of Santa Claus.

Ask Brenton Pierce about joining swim.

Ask Taylor Hyman about tailgating. 

Ask Zoe Davis about her three hour nap.

Ask Cade Nelson about being an ideal US citizen.

Ask Kalin Gardiner about her cousin. 

Ask Hannah Ladd about being a child.

Ask Ely Garcia about not having a group.

Ask Ely Garcia about his math homework.

Ask Lexi Miller how she cost Mr. Tonsoni $500.

Ask the swim team about their field trip during their meet.