Ask Mr. M about not sharing his spare room.

Ask Abby Mears about a broom’s real purpose and 8 am college visits.   

Ask Zoé Davis why there are four people on the Kahoot.

Ask Miah Sinks about who woke up.

Ask Kiara Roberts what her baby wants.

Ask Nate Rossi about why he doesn’t have a pool.

Ask Braydn Gleason why he was at the school at 6:30 on Thursday.

Ask Riley Paz and Evann Royal about the “incident” during CNA clinicals. 

Ask Landen Rubright about becoming a manager again for the swim team.

Ask Hunter Tate if she can take care of a baby. 

Ask Mrs. Reef about scaring people.

Ask Eydie Bruestle why she does handstands.

Ask the swim team about the dude in prison.