Snoracles 11/11

Ask Ella Hudson about her hasthma. 

Ask Abby Mears about concluding the demon.

Ask Sophia Eli how to pronounce “buoy.” 

Ask Ryn Zimpfer about her crazy good jazz voice. 

Ask Chase Long about how campaign posters should be stacked.

Ask Asher Wilson about the joys of uploading things onto computers.

Ask AP Government about the griddy competition, the wave, IU toilet paper, and bribery cupcakes.

Ask Cayden Gasser where he left Wren Isom’s charger.

Aak Aarion Walton about what got caught when he was foam rolling his back.

Ask Maguire Thompson about the chest pass.  

Ask Mrs.Pickering about uploading a TikTok. 

Ask Andy Hernandez about helping with Webshow Wednesday.

Ask Kandi Balchunas about monsters.