Ask Abby Burns about the duck in stats class. 

Ask Maguire Thompson about cookie cutter houses.

Ask Connor Reilly about his empty tote bag.  

Ask Bailey Hughes about her “orange kitten”. 

Ask Mr. T about being cheap on Valentine’s Day.

Ask Señora about hallway traffic

Ask Elyse Perry about thumbs. 

Ask Riley Paz about soup.

Ask Graham Moore how to pronounce ‘Alice’.

Ask Joey Wolf about his fictional crush. (get permission from him)

Ask Marine Porto about the Kentucky basketball team.

Ask Asher Wilson about Top Golf.

Ask Sam Beighler about his love for IKEA.

Ask Mia Wilson about her bad car day.

Ask Colton Winberg about “The Feds.” 

Ask Mrs. T about pity points.

Ask Abby Burns where her keys are and what happens when you turn the lights on in the LMC. 

Ask Peyten Rice what a cowbell is. 

Ask Jamison Armstrong about how to move his refrigerator.

Ask Elijah Ladd about Holy Cow.

Ask Cade Nelson about his horoscope.