Ask Sydney Ross about what was wrong with Christmas kick. 

Ask Denee Muir what animal pork comes from. 

Ask Kori O’Daniel about Helen Keller. 

Ask Beau Tate about lapping Rebecca Kelly in two yards. 

Ask Keaghan Lane about morning poops. 

Ask third hour Nutrition and Wellness about the hidden desk. 

Ask Ty Ellison who ‘Papa Smurf’ is.

Ask Mr. Gilbert about eating cereal for lunch.

Ask Jackson Kroeger about the Vietnam War in Kansas.

Ask Grace O’Neil about using reverse psychology. 

Ask Elah Abbott about Jamison Armstrong’s lethal throw.

Ask Sarah Howard about leaving Econ class. 

Ask Mr. T if a frog’s butthole is water tight.

Ask Josh Hartley about his basketball shorts. 

Ask Brock Burton about “donuts” before Saturday’s game.  

Ask Emily Mears about Blippi. 

Ask Micah Lawless about The Mears’ yam. 

Ask Colton Winberg about kicking Chase Winberg out of Parly.

Ask Grace O’Neil about coal in the industrial revolution. 

Ask Sam Biegler about throwing people off third balcony windows. 

Ask Jackson Kroeger about his APUSH presentation.

Ask Aujhanay Udhus about her fingernails.

Ask Collin Dulin about the poop log.

Ask Mr. M about the Cat Mafia. 

Ask Dakota Titus about dumb doctors. 

Ask Kalvin Jones how a cat grooms themselves.

Ask Mrs. Tonsoni about chaperoning the Washington DC trip and about her swearing fanny-pack.

Ask Abby O’Neil about stink bugs.

Ask Mrs. Kreiling about the mowers.