graphic by Grace O'Neil

graphic by Grace O’Neil

Ask Rebecca Kelly about her first date.

Ask Mrs. Johnson about how loud four people can be. 

Ask Mrs. Hollingsworth’s seventh hour about the woman in the window. 

Ask Chase Long about his Louis Vuitton scarf. 

Ask Abby O’Neil about talking like a lawyer.

Ask Maguire Thompson about his loss to Collin Dulin

Ask Ms. Doyle’s sixth hour about communism and the corruption of power.

Ask Sam Beighler about leading kicks.

Ask Grace O’Neil about being tired.

Ask Mrs. Pickering about imitating Layton Pickering on the car ride to school.

Ask Madame Tyner what she likes to do in the library.

Ask Connor Reilly about when the weathering was due.

Ask Mia Wilson what she thinks Bracketology is about.