graphic by Grace O'Neil

graphic by Grace O’Neil

Ask Simon Voorhies about mushy. 

Ask Conner Miller about his cult. 

Ask Carlos Alfaro and Paige Moon about tic tac toe. 

Ask Emily Mears about trying to get juice boxes. 

Ask Ella Hudson about Thomas Edison in American history. 

Ask Maguire Thompson about using zoomer humor on a boomer and being bald. 

Ask Abby Burns about being abducted by a stretchy man.

Ask Rhonda Milburn about her English presentation.

Ask Mr. M about voting for Dale Peterson.

Ask Miss Crowel if she has ever heard of the Love Lock Bridge.

Ask Evan Rankin about going froggy.

Ask Miss Johnson about getting yelled at by a member of the British Royal Army.

Ask Andy Hernandez about UNO Attack.

Ask Mrs. Hollingsworth about the names on her desk. 

Ask Beau Tate about baby powder.  

Ask Dakota Titus about his peanut butter.

Ask Cade Nelson about his “book-pack.”

Ask Ms. Doyle about Chase Long’s fake hands.