graphic by Grace O'Neil

graphic by Grace O’Neil

Ask Mr. Reich about rolling an egg up a hill to a gas station and about chair rolling. 

Ask Brock Burton about his white shirts. 

Ask Cade Nelson about frogs. 

Ask Sav Colagrossi about not being on a tee-shirt. 

Ask Carlos Alfaro about the pack of pencils in first period. 

Ask Mrs. Kreiling’s fourth period class about the spider. 

Ask Maribel Martinez about Fire and Ice.

Ask Rafael Flores-Cruz about cotton candy Wednesdays. 

Ask Mr. T about extra sauerkraut.

Ask Emily Weaver about being a “bait hooker.”

Ask Mr. M if he’s still developing.

Ask Stephanie Proper about the salami tsunami.

Ask Alea Barnard if she would rather have 50 or 65 quiz questions.

Ask Dakota Titus about the Godfather’s daughter.