graphic by Grace O'Neil

graphic by Grace O’Neil

Ask Ms. McGill about her “f’s.”

Ask Mia Wilson how to pronounce chamomile.

Ask Connor Reilly about being “Ryder” on Thursday night. 

Ask Abby Mears about Willie’s Roadhouse.

Ask Elijah Ladd if the soap bottle was closed.

Ask Mrs. Kinzie about her ugly shirt.

Ask Kandi Balchunas and Savannah Colagrossi about the fish names.

Ask Maguire Thompson, Carson Workinger, Sam Bieghler, and Cade Nelson about the 6th grade gossip.

Ask Abby O’Neil about merry-go-rounds.

Ask Savannah Colagrossi and Emily Mears about “Who?!!”

Ask Connor Roberson and Collin Dulin about scaring children.

Ask Rebecca Kelly about her fancy water. 

Ask Caysen Yount about Chick-fil-A.

Ask Mr. Taylor about Thursdays. 

Ask Cade Nelson about stress.o. 

Ask Landen Rubright how to pronounce Mrs. and what it means.

Ask Brady Little about his bout with invertigo.