graphic by Grace O'Neil

graphic by Grace O’Neil

Ask Bailey Hughes about Tobisha laptops.

Ask Hannah Ladd about bottle flipping at soccer.

Ask Mr. T about Liberty Mutual.

Ask Elah Abbott about tongue tattoos.

Ask APUSH students how late they stayed up doing their study guides. 

Ask Tanner Haynes about recruiting Mr. Gilbert.

Ask Mr. M. about the sturdiness of desks. 

Ask Dakota Titus about being less sensitive.

Ask 7th hour Spanish about “pio, pio, pio.”

Ask Marine Proto about getting big. 

Ask Jackson Harter about Amus. 

Ask Jamison Armstrong about eating milk and drinking cheese and parent

Ask Mr. Reich about the wheel of death.

Ask Ethan Bowling about his Noah Gottshall impression. 

Ask Eydie Bruestle about Mr. Reich’s note.

Ask Jamison Armstrong about his APUSH test.

Ask Baily Rucker about his turn signal.

Ask Kyle Haidet, Gabby Bruestle, and Evan Toby about the chair train. 

Ask the theatre kids about improv on Thursday night. 

Ask Chloe Ratcliffe about being punched by Paige Moon.

Ask Jamison Armstrong about parent functions. 

Ask Connor Reilly about the origin and why parent function transformations are like pancakes. 

Ask Landen Rubright about his car.

Ask Rebecca Kelly about tripping over her feet in soccer.

Ask Michael Dyer about coffee in OT.

Ask Walker Jones about Luis Sanchez. 

Ask Thomas Warenski about Jeopardy in English.

Ask Michael Jarrell about his mad Uno skills.

Ask Mr. Gaspar and Mrs. Wagler about their dark sense of humor.