graphic by Grace O'Neil

graphic by Grace O’Neil

Ask Cooper Cross and Elah Abbott about “Casey at the Bat”. 

Ask Marine Proto about the school’s bread and opening ranch packets. 

Ask Collin Dulin about his Getty Images cat.

Ask Noah Gottshall about giving Mrs. Tonsoni two thumbs down.

Ask Mrs.Tonsoni how to pronounce the alphabet … and where she learned it.

Ask Sarah Howard how to spell Louisiana. 

Ask Jameson Armstrong about the Louisiana Purchase.

Ask Evann Royal about ‘the smell’ in 7th hour.

Ask Noah Gottshall about Batman and Phineas and Ferb analogies in French period 1.

Ask Ms. McGill about 1st period French on Wednesday. 

Ask Grace O’Neil about geese at golf.

Ask Emma Douglas about her “special” salad.

Ask Connor Miller about death to Karel. 

Ask Baily Rucker about Wednesday morning.

Ask Mr.Reich about destroying a biology textbook.

Ask Landen Rubright and Asher Wilson about using the stock market to promote school spirit.

Ask Kate Broadstreet about posing for the camera in geometry.

Ask Jackson Kroeger about how to light a match and how to do magic in AP Chemistry.

Ask Landon Rubright how to change a tire.

Ask Gabby Bruestle about her frog game.

Ask Ms. Doyle about knowing ASL.

Ask Mrs. Reef about the movie Radio.

Ask Mrs. Kreiling about her Mustang.

Ask Lannon Pickering if he wants a mint.

Ask Stephanie Proper about their bone.

Ask Randy Tessier about Hamburgerbowl.

Ask Abby Burns about her current standing as an LMC aide.

Ask Miss Johnson what she thinks about subdivisions.

Ask Kaylee Vice about her backpack.

Ask Kandi Balchunas about her celebrity mug shot collection.

Ask Irvin Cruz about Tips for Teachers.