graphic by Grace O'Neil

graphic by Grace O’Neil

Ask Abby Burns about honking at the tennis matches. 

Ask Luke Smock about crocodile man. 

Ask Eydie Bruestle about the tupperware container. 

Ask Cynthia Rossi what you do with the fish after you catch it.

Ask Kenzie Sandusky about her interestingly shaped crystals.

Ask Mr. M about “anaphora.” 

Ask Mrs. Tonsoni about the best basement ever. 

 Ask Jackson Harter about the tennis ball and stapler in English class. 

Ask Brenten Pierce about how to end war.

Ask Abby Mears for directions. 

Ask Wren Isom about our past president *Ronald* Nixon.

Ask Cooper Cross about the geography of South America.

Ask Chase Long about the perfect graph.

Ask Aiden Foster about paper clips and shopping carts