graphic by Grace O'Neil

graphic by Grace O’Neil

Ask Ms. Johnson about the misunderstood, inbred trash dragon. 

Ask Melody Hemig about attendance when Mrs. Nethercutt is gone.   

Ask Kayleen Stanley about her countdown.

Ask Evan Fritz about puppies and Dr. Fritz.

Ask Dawson Jordan about the tiny fridge.

Ask Ryn Zimpfer and Abby Summers about Reese’s Puffs

Ask Cynthia Rossi about frogs.

Ask Elyse Perry about tinted windows.

Ask Carlos Alfaro about “achoo” in French class.

Ask Mr. Painter about his dream about the musical and banana terrorism.

Ask Noah Gottshall about being smelly and the prefix er-.

Ask Evann Royal about Señora’s lock screen.

Ask Mr. Gaspar about paper cranes.

Ask Ryn Zimpfer about the men’s restroom.

Ask Cooper Cross about his raisin activities in Spanish. 

Ask Senora about Ticonderoga pencils.

Ask Sam Schimmel about “Get in the hole!”

Ask Libbie Smith about “snorkles.”

Ask Kenzy Miller about being foreign.

Ask the Tennis Team about Photo Roulette.