graphic by Grace O'Neil

graphic by Grace O’Neil

Ask Evan Toby about how many people it takes to jump start a car.

Ask Sarah Howard about turning left on McCarty lane and about preserving organs.  

Ask Makenzy Miller about nonconsensual breathing.

Ask Luke Smock about the cookie. 

Ask Blake Sinks about album covers.

Ask Ashton Yerkes about the ‘00s. 

Ask Myah Abbott about the 12:30 timer.

Ask Hannah Sherinian about “peeing” herself. 

Ask Miss Crowel about Grandpa.

Ask Case Story about his many skills.

Ask Riley Gardiner about the shape of North Carolina. 

Ask Cynthia Rossi about “sprawling.”

Ask Riley Gardiner about bubble wrap.

Ask Mr. Gilbert about his favorite kind of snickerdoodle.

Ask Elijah Ladd about his weird taste buds.

Ask Evan Toby and Ava Charnley about purple duck tape.

Ask Ava Charnley about dead people pants and Grumpy Carson. 

Ask Grace O’Neil about her cookies. 

Ask the French 2 class about fishing people. 

Ask Riley Gardiner about how many balls she can fit in her pockets

Ask Sam Bieghler about his and his cousin’s sunglass addiction.

Ask Dakota Titus about sunscreen.

Ask Abigail Schoen about being “pennied.”

Ask Ella Hudson about her fear of choreography. 

Ask Noah Gottshall about the boys bathroom on April 1. 

Ask Abby O’Neil about her opinion on butterflies. 

Ask Elijah Ladd, Elliott Kelly, and Maguire Thompson about the library shelf incident.

Ask Carson Baker about pineapple eyes.

Ask Mr. Tonsoni about credit or debit.