Ask Mason Gottshall about his hunger for Panda Express.

Ask Mrs. T about being lame and forgetting. 

Ask Noah Red Elk about saying “sorry” in a British accent.  

Ask Myah Abbott about her flyer.

Ask Mr. M’s Speech class about Hawai’i, Alabama.

Ask Mrs. Circle about scoreboards.

Ask Sophie Johnson about dancing at the tennis courts. 

Ask Logan Miller about calling his mom in Econ. 

Ask Evan Toby about his foot massage. 

Ask Abby ONeil about how to get gas. 

Ask Riley Gardiner about completely missing the driveway.

Ask Elyse Perry about Frank Zappa’s kids.

Ask Elyse Perry and Connor Roberson about playing baseball with apples.

Ask Ethan Nelson about pressure washing semis.

Ask Ava Charnley about how peanut butter fights 00back. 

Ask Grayce Lowder about falling in the parking lot.

Ask Kalin Gardiner about losing her retainer.

Ask Evann Royal and Riley Paz about spilling their food.

Ask Ethan Nelson about his volleyball skills.

Ask Cooper Cross about his “perfect” shins.

Ask Savannah Colagrossi about applesauce.

Ask Hope Balchunas about the baby incident. 

Ask Jayden Johnson, Keslyn Salmeron, Hope Balchunas, and Emma Douglas about their baby army.  

Ask Grace O’Neil about her dead car battery. 

Ask Eric Achor about his fear of milk cartons.

Ask Arika Gibson to say scoreboard.