graphic by Grace O'Neil

graphic by Grace O’Neil

Snoracles are back! Snoracles are a way to get you talking to each other about funny or unusual things. If you want the full story, you just have to ask the person involved. If you have any Snoracles to share, email Mrs. Tonsoni or talk to any member of the Parnassus staff.

Ask Emma Douglas about “Fergal,” her hats, and what Mr. T. is drinking.

Ask Abby O’Neil about Wendy’s spoons.  

Ask Abby Summers about chicken noodle soup.

Ask Ariana Roman about double turns.  

Ask Denee Muir about her new boyfriend.

Ask Serenity Hines about redheads..

Ask Jessica Powlen about skydiving.

Ask Melody Hemig and Rachel Yancey about Boyfi.

Ask Elah Abbott about Harry Styles.

Ask Sam Brown about Lucy.

Ask Elyse Perry about her balance 

Ask Ethan Nelson about his shoulder. 

Ask Riley Gardinerabout the DQ drive-thru.

Ask Noah Gottshall about his opinion on France.

Ask Evan Toby about salsa.

 Ask Kate Broadstreet about Marmalade. 

 Ask Riley Paz about scrambled eggs.

Ask Kalin Gardiner about her coffee recipe.

Ask Evann Royal about Matthew Grey Gubler.

Ask Taylor Hyman about corgis.

Ask Carson Baker about his idea to run for president.

Ask Ms. Netzley about bog people. 

Ask Landon Rubright about how much water is in southern sweet tea.

Ask Elijah Ladd about Lazer Tag.

 Ask Sam Beighler about Elijah Ladd helping him off the pool block.

Ask Hayden Sorrells about his APEX naps.