Students shout-out: My personal space

Students shout-out: My personal space

Ava Charnley, Staff writer

Teenagers have a place they call “home,” a place where they can unwind and be by themselves. For most teenagers it is their room or their car. For others this personal space could be their backyard or hunting grounds. Many people believe this is the place they get to relax and express themselves. If a personal space is to be an extension of that person then why do we usually not ask for people to describe these places?

So we decided to ask a few of our DCHS students where their personal space is and what it means to them. See if you can tell whose space is being described.


“My personal space should be left alone. It’s big and green, and my vehicle. I am very proud of my vehicle. It’s kinda messy. She is really rude sometimes. The other night she didn’t want to start. I haven’t been able to give her a name, but I’ve been thinking Bertha. And instead of going vroom, vroom, she growls. I also have a stand for my phone, but I don’t have a phone. I have random wires, and I don’t know where they go and no radio. There are pieces to a broken mirror in the back. I have air freshener things on my mirror. My heat is really hot and sometimes I have to get out of the car just to cool it off in there. I lift up the door just to get in. I have CB antennas, but no CB. Even though she is a problem child she gets me from point “A” to point “B.” 


“My room is my personal space. It is organized, clean and bright. There are a lot of books. I refinished all the furniture and now it is all dark wood. My junk drawer is organized. I have a keyboard and a piano. I hang all of my jackets on the same hanger, and now it is all droopy. There are two closets and one of them is my parents’; they store all their stuff in my room. I shove all my flip-flops under my bookshelf. I have four pairs of sandals. My desk is broken and if you lean on it the legs will fall off. There are dividers in my drawers out of old shoe boxes. I only have quotes on the walls. This organized, bright, and clean room is mine and I adore my space.


“My bed is my personal space. Someone could come in my room and I wouldn’t care as long as they are not messing with my vibe. My bed has a blue velvet quilt, and A LOT of pillows. There is a shelf above it and I put plants on it. The plants die a lot, so now it is in my kitchen window. I don’t let animals in my room.”


“My room is my favorite personal space. It is teal, my favorite color. All over the walls are pictures of mostly my dog, but also of friends. I also have pictures hung up of my older sister, Drew. My room is nothing fancy, but it is cozy. I have a bunch of soft and fluffy blankets and fluffy carpet, too. I enjoy spending time in my room—it’s where I do homework, watch movies, fold laundry, and talk on the phone. I spend a lot of my down time in there, and when I’m in a bad mood, it’s definitely where you’ll find me.”