Why school rules are necessary


Jessica Powlen, Staff writer

For years there has been an ongoing conflict among students and faculty about the school rules and regulations at Delphi Community High School.  The main issue debated around our school is the dress code. I understand that many students prefer to display their personality through exploring new looks, rather than being hindered by the limitations of the current dress code.  But why, do you think, is there a need for one in the first place?

According to Anoria Webb, Senior at Delphi, “the length limit should be changed because it’s hard to find shorts and dresses at a good length,” she says, “what kind of shorts go down to your knees?”  While I realize the limitations seem stifling, try thinking of it this way. As students, this building is our “professional workspace” and our teachers and administrators are our “bosses.”  The expectations here are only preparing us all for adulthood and what it will be like in the work environment. In life, once you discover your career, there will be rules and guidelines for you to follow.  You won’t be allowed to wear, do, or say certain things. The expectations placed on our attire aren’t created out of hatred or spite, as some may believe. In reality, it is the exact opposite. Our faculty cares deeply for each and every student, which is the exact reason for creating the necessary rules we have.  Aden Sinks, Senior at Delphi, says “The one reason for the dresscode is so students will come in the doors with appropriate clothing.” 

Simply following the rules in school creates less conflict among the students and teachers and allows class to run more smoothly, thus providing everyone better opportunities to achieve their goals.  Just think: our school is already very lenient with our dress code compared to most other schools, and no matter how much our school alters the rules, there will always be conflict.  

It is not only that wearing crop tops or short shorts are somewhat distracting for our peers, but it also places a poor appearance and reputation on our school and administration.  Without these regulations, our school would lack the structures necessary to provide the needed education of our students. Our faculty here at Delphi only think about what is best for their students by ensuring the safety of all staff and students and continuously working to create a safe environment for our learning.