Um, this is Aden Sinks


Aden Sinks (far right) plays Barnaby Tucker in Hello Dolly.

Emily Hudson, Editor

If you have met sophomore Aden Sinks, he has very eloquently told you this quote, “Every moment can be a comedic moment,” from Bo Burnham. This is Aden’s life motto; however, in reality, he is more likely to sit and ponder life while saying, “Um.” If you are patient enough to listen, you will discover the satirical, comedic person that Aden is.


Everyone should take lessons from the simple life of Aden Sinks. “After school is quiz bowl, sometimes I sleep, and sometimes I eat food.” In the spring, his life gets a little more involved. During the track season, Aden stated, “I throw stuff.” He has also participated in the drama department, noting, “I attempt at singing and make it screeching.” He has been in the shows The Sound of Music, You Can’t Take it with You, and Hello Dolly. Aden served as a primary source of entertainment in the fall play You Can’t Take it with You. He played Paul Sycamore on stage, but during practice, he provided delicate piano accompaniment. “I don’t know how to play the piano; no one taught me how. I just know this button is C and go off that.”


“Woof,” has become a popular expression after Aden’s supposed weirdest high school experience. It occurred at play practice when he called a character by the wrong name and proceeded to mimic the breath going out of him. Besides this odd occurrence, nothing weird has happened. He claimed, “I don’t know; I’m just a sophomore.” On the funnier side of weird experiences, Aden mentioned, “After play practice, we were getting ready for marching band and Cooper Dale sang an improv song to ‘Heart and Soul’ about ham and cheese.”


To acquire more insight on Aden, he was asked about his favorite person. “Paul Sycamore is my favorite human being because I am him, but I’m not actually a communist.” Aden then paused to tie his shoes as he awaited the next pressing question; Do you like pineapple pizza? “It’s okay, but I prefer cheese over that.” Pizza is Aden’s favorite type of food because it is easy to make. His favorite place to get pizza from is Pizza King in Delphi.


Aden said it best when he said, “Most of this interview is going to consist of ums and random pandering.” However, when he was asked about his greatest life struggle, he changed his tune. “I could be a little serious with this. Dealing with life, I guess, and with the mood swings of puberty. But other than that it’s okay.” Aden’s personality is strengthened by his comedic nature and allows him to see at least satirical humor in the ups and downs of high school.


To look into what the future holds for Aden, he was asked what he will be doing in 25 years. “Probably not being a math teacher. I want to be an astrophysicist. I would be 40, so hopefully doing some space stuff, colonizing Mars, attempting to launch a rocket, or playing the clarinet. On a normal day, I could see myself in the living room playing piano with a cat named Pablo and a really big dog named Tiny.” These two plans may seem different, but they do sum up Aden’s intellectual and musical pursuits. No matter what Aden is up to then or now, he will keep up his witty persona and say, “So I can just make a joke out of it?”