Cheer team working hard in and out of season


Cheer team practices a stunt before the basketball game.

Just like any other sport, the cheer team prepares for their upcoming season through conditioning and other programs. This last summer, Coach Jordan Dowell took her team to a UCA cheer camp at Manchester University for the first time. This camp was over the course of three days, where they learned a routine, and performed it on the final day. They were taught chants, cheers, band dances, stunting techniques, and various routines. “Overall it was a great experience and gave us a lot of material to bring back with us”, she said.

As of right now, the cheer team has six members, which is below an average team size. In an effort to get more members, tryouts are held right before the school year is over, followed by two weeks of practices in order to prepare for camp. This is when the cheerleaders will learn basic skills and understand the dynamics of the team. After camp they have a few weeks off before football season, so Coach Dowell organizes a fun bonding activity for the girls to get to know each other. She says in the past they have gone tubing and attended Netflix’s Cheer live performance in Indianapolis. “I like when we do activities together. I think they’re a lot of fun and give me a chance to hangout with people on the team that I’m not normally around”, said Lily Sandifur, a third year member.  Right before school starts, they work on learning the school song, and certain cheers they do for each game.

 Dowel says that a team of 12 is ideal compared to the current size of six members. “I am hoping the rest of the team returns and we gain some new members for next season”, she said.