Tennis team looks to start fresh(men)


Elliott Kelly, staff writer


The tennis team this year consists solely of eight freshmen.  The team, under the leadership of Coach Kyle Cross, is looking to rebuild after graduating five seniors and losing two upperclassmen who decided to focus on their spring sport. The completely new team has made the best of their situation this year, and has largely grown in skill. The future of the team looks bright, even considering the start from scratch.


The team is focused on developing their skills this year, in the hope of becoming truly competitive in the years to come.  Coach Cross commented on the importance of their work ethic: “If they want it bad enough and are willing to work for it, they will be able to accomplish anything.”  Despite having no experience in high school, the team managed to earn several individual victories and a team victory over Taylor. 


The majority of the team has played under the direction of Coach Cross, during his time as a middle school coach, and so they have already developed relationships.  The bonds the team has now will help them to build off of each other during practices and matches.  Also, the support of opposing coaches who have gone through similar phases and have spoken to the team, have faith in the team’s potential.  In a few years, possibly even next year, the boys tennis program will be ready to aim for the top once again.


In the conference tournament, the team found stiff competition, but still performed well.  In number one singles, Lakin Wakeman finished fourth.  In number two singles, Braydn Gleason ended with a podium spot in third. In number three singles, Braydon Fosbrink ended in fourth.  In doubles, both pairs, Kaleb Hosier and Keaton Adams (#1 Doubles), along with pair Haden Helms and Lincoln Parks (#2 Doubles), finished in fourth as well.


The future for the tennis program is looking bright.  While the graduating class of 2021 was a big loss for the program, the graduating class of 2025 has brought it new life. Every year the team will get better and more competitive. Coach Cross put it simply, “Experience is everything in tennis… learning to compete at this level as freshmen is a blessing in disguise.”