Ask Adam Bowen about what he begs to differ with.

Ask Mr. Tonsoni about the laws of physics.

Ask Mrs. Doyle about her toothpick factory.

Ask the girls soccer team about Katie Kleckner and Grace Smith’s handshake.

Ask Elijah Hudson about his flop.

Ask Max Kender about the panda.

Ask Kevin Zebala about his sandal.

Ask the student section about the Twin Lakes spirit we borrowed.

Ask Dacota Shockley about his senior picture stalkers.

Ask Riley Saul, Autumn Parker, and Amanda McCarty about dat boi.

Ask Manon Lhommel about her extra food at Dairy Queen.

Ask Kevin Zabala about “The Picture.”

Ask Adam Rider about the Pizza Lord.

Ask Hannah McCleskey about beard hair.

Ask Drew Clevenger about “Jessica.”

Ask Ms. Isaacs about story time.

Ask Cynthia Rossi and Jessica Powlen about “Cooper.”

Ask Emily Hudson about Ingrid.

Ask Breighan Rohrman and Addie Mann about hand dancing.

Ask the girls volleyball team about North White.

Ask Mrs. Tonsoni about her new car.

Ask Mr. Nelson about “beep beep.”

Ask Elijah Hudson about his broken wrist.

Ask Max Kender about Chocy Milk.

Ask Andy Mendoza about why he doesn’t like the word “Fabulous.”

Ask Andy Mendoza about saying “Well Played” to an opposing player.

Ask Nick Roberson about Switzerland.

Ask Michael O’Neil about psychiatry.

Ask Mr. Tonsoni about how Kristina Powlen scared him.

Ask Faith Butcher about chewing gum during OT .

Ask Michael O’Neil about meat sticks.

Ask Mr./Mrs. Tonsoni about the mad cricket hunt.