Ask Adam Rider about the time he hacky sacked a bag of carrots.

Ask French IV about their favorite new sub.

Ask Mr. Tonsoni about his tea shopping at Wallmann’s.

Ask Mr. M about his whiteboard.

Ask Emily Hudson about her jacket closet.

Ask Riley Saul about his cicada.

Ask Cassie Pettiner about the Hamilton app.

Ask Kristina Powlen and Emily Hudson about DQ.

Ask Jessica Powlen about “JESSICA!!!!!”

Ask Maddie Jacobs about Jazz Flags.

Ask Mrs. Cotten about her lights.

Ask Seth Mesaros about Camp Tecumseh fruit snacks.

Ask Ms. Doyle about her birthday card.

Ask Sarah Rohrer about worms.

Ask Kate-Lynn Bennett about how she broke her wrist.

Ask Savannah Deel about Hoosier Girls State.

Ask Jackie Johns about one ply toilet paper.

Ask Jadon Kinzie how the football team is doing.

Ask Mr. Tonsoni how he makes his head so shiny.

Ask Kooper Myer who is the nicest Myer boy.

Ask Katharyn Phyllis about her first tattoo.

Ask Mr. M about his high school glory days.

Ask Seth Mesaros about Dad jokes .

Ask Kristina Powlen about trust catching.

Ask Cooper Dale about his Russian accent.

Ask Seth Mesaros about locking himself out of his car.

Ask Riley Saul about driving through wet potholes.

Ask Manon Lhommel about her animal noises.

Ask Elijah Hudson what happens when he sticks his head out a window.

Ask the girls soccer team about having to wait for a bus.

Ask Nick Roberson about socialism.

Ask Michael O’Neil about flat Ron Swanson.

Ask Mr. Painter about his “lucky” Powerball ticket.

Ask Ms. Isaacs’ 6th period class about Mr. Pirzada.

Ask Kooper Myer about top spin lobs.