8 students featured in IUK high school art show


Zoe’s award winning drawing.

Throughout the month of March, IU Kokomo hosted an art show specifically for junior and senior high school students to showcase their work. Seven Delphi students submitted their work: Zoe Callender, Caitlyn Snavely, Bethany Yoder, Kate Broadstreet, Lacey Pickering, Lilly Holston, Ella Baker, and Kate Broadstreet. Each student was able to enter one piece of art. This opportunity also has competitive categories where students were able to receive awards for their work. DCHS art teacher, Mr. Bradford, is grateful that his students were able to participate. “Honestly, this opportunity is immeasurable . . . to be able to be part of an actual art gallery with an unknown number of eyes looking at your work. It’s a fantastic opportunity,” he said.

Senior Zoe Callender used charcoal as her medium and was awarded Best Drawing and received a $100 prize. “I was so grateful to have been given the opportunity by my art teacher to have my art shown in a gallery. It was really cool to see other artistic kids my age show their creativity and I’m excited to continue my involvement in the art community,” she said.

Mr. Bradford is proud of Zoe, and can’t wait to see what she accomplishes. “We are going to be seeing her work in other galleries,” he said.