Student Shoutout: When is too early to decorate for Christmas?


Rebecca Kelly

LMC gets a tree for the IKC Christmas tree contest

When is it too early to start decorating for Christmas? It’s an age-old question that is still debated today. Many people differ in their opinions and many people believe firmly in their opinions. 

I believe that anytime before Thanksgiving is too early for decorating. Normally my family and I start decorating the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. We put up our tree, ornaments, and watch the movie Elf to kick off the season. As would be expected, people around our school have differing opinions on the topic.

Mrs. Warenski has a unique opinion on when it is too early to decorate. She says there is no such thing. You can never be too early to prepare for Christmas. She says that normally she starts decorating around Veteran’s Day.

Tylene McKinzie says, ¨I think that it is too early to start decorating for Christmas when it’s still October. I don’t really care much for Thanksgiving, but Halloween should not be shoved into a corner. Christmas already has more than a month, it does not need three.¨ She also said her family starts decorating for Christmas on Black Friday. ¨Since it is the day after Thanksgiving, it is the day when Christmas time can fully begin.¨

Owen Broadstreet agrees that right after Halloween is too early for the traditional Christmas decorating to start. He says he waits until the week after Thanksgiving to start decorating. 

Sophomore Jack McKay says they notice stuff being put up in August and their only response to that is ¨What?¨ Jack’s family decorates for Christmas around mid December, sometimes sooner. Never before December,  which is rather late in the year for some people.

Senior Ella Baker thinks any time before Halloween is too early to start decorating for Christmas, and they never start decorating until Dec. 5. ¨It’s an ode to my step-dad’s father since that’s the anniversary of his death,¨ said Ella. 


As predicted, opinions vary on when is the best time to begin decorating for Christmas. Some believe in no such thing as too early, and some believe we need to give Thanksgiving its own space and wait until after that to focus on the next holiday. Regardless of what you think, the colder weather and last weekend’s brief snowfall is most likely getting everyone excited for the upcoming Christmas season.