Grab-and-Go line remodeled


Elyse Perry and Emily Mears

Right now, a project is taking place to change the Grab-and-Go line from two windows to a walk-through room, much like on the other side of the cafeteria. The goal is to make the line more effective and efficient. The school wants to have it done by lunch Jan. 20 with improvements to follow as time goes on. 

Previously, the area acted as an office space for the last food service director. It housed the files and the computers relating to the cafeteria services. However, when Delphi got a new food service director, they changed that area from an office to the Grab-and-Go windows we now know. 

Recently, Mrs. Rowe, the current food service director, made the decision to change that area from the two windows it has been recently to a walk-through room. This decision came after seeing how the line for the windows backs up every day, in every lunch period. The hope here is that the line will become more effective and efficient. It will still be a Grab-and-Go line, but it will just be a much faster and more efficient system. According to Mr. Striebeck, “Mrs. Rowe is a wise lady” for making this change. Hopefully this project will make getting lunch faster and easier for the students and cafeteria workers.