Nicole Gerard: Standing up for America


Nicole Gerard, right, gives a thumbs up with her friend Emily Hudson.

Imagine waking up at 2 AM and going to work. You’ve only had 2 hours of sleep because you’ve been working, doing homework and doing military exercises. And you’ve got school after this. Sounds rough, right? As rough as it sounds, such is the life of DCHS senior Nicole Gerard.

Nicole is known around the school as a “true military supporter.” With almost her entire family in the military, Nicole has been raised in that setting her entire life. Her family is well represented in the military, from medics to a tombstone guard, from bomb squad to helping wounded soldiers. In fact, her uncle actually protected the president. But having an active military family isn’t the only reason she wanted to go into the military. Her cousin, unfortunately, was killed on her way to defuse a roadside bomb. That was when Nicole knew that she definitely wanted to go into the army, partly to honor her cousin.

Nicole plans on graduating after the first semester. Soon after, on March 16, she will depart to Colorado Springs, Colorado for basic training. After she finishes up basic, she will then leave to Georgia for her specialized training. She has taken many classes here at DCHS that will benefit her in her future. “Hopefully Nicole will use some of the skills learned here in her military occupation,” said Nicole’s Intro to Healthcare teacher, Mrs. Kahl.

Some may say that going into the army with no plan afterward is a dangerous move, and Nicole realizes that. They may ask, “What about college?” There’s good news for those troubled thinkers. Nicole has the opportunity to further her education at a military academy. This would allow her to advance in her specialized training, while simultaneously earning her degree. However, at this point, her post-training plans are undecided.

So just what is Nicole planning to do with her specialized military training? Unlike most, Nicole is in a rare group that can fit “just about anywhere.” She could be a medic in the field, where she would spend her time making emergency surgeries. She also has the potential to be a military policewoman. That would include the task of interrogating terrorists. However, the training that Nicole is most looking forward to studying is the bomb squad, a group of people who go around in highly militarized areas defusing bombs and rendering them safe. After the military, there will be plenty of job opportunities, but Nicole is specifically looking to receive a job in the state police.  

When Nicole isn’t working, studying, or training, she can often be found hanging out with friends—preferably shopping. “My friends are some of the most loving, caring people who stand beside me.” However, when her friends found out that she was going into the military, they were terrified, and rightfully so. With the specialty that Nicole is going into, danger will be lurking at every turn. Her family is also terrified. Given the circumstances of how she is going into the bomb squad, memories of Nicole’s cousin will probably be fresh on their minds.

Nicole leaves Mar. 16 for basic training  in Colorado. She will devote ten to twenty years to the military. Nicole is three months away from doing one of the scariest but most honorable jobs in America—protecting our country.