Mayor Evans guest stars with Geneva and Millicent


Emily Hudson and Kristina Powlen

Welcome to Getting to Know Your Mayor! This episode stars our very own Mayor, Shane Evans. As usual, this interview was hosted by the Beautiful, Magnificent, Spectacular Geneva Marvelo McFuzz and Millicent Luna Malfoy. Let’s begin with our first question.


Geneva: Mayor Evans, Do you keep in contact with friends from high school?

  • Yes, I do, all the time, just bought a house next to one.

Millicent: Do you know what Parnassus means?

  • It is the center of ancient Delphi, where the oracles prophesied. Mount Parnassus.

Geneva: What made you interested in becoming the mayor of Delphi?

  • I grew up here and attended Hoosier Boys’ State. That really sparked my interest. I also ran for state representative for the district before becoming mayor.

Millicent: What is your favorite animal?

  • African elephant.

Geneva: If you could change your name, what would you change it to and why?

  • Apollo, but be sure not to compare me to him.

Millicent: What do you remember most about senior year? High school?

  • Nothing really besides extracurriculars like football, wrestling, musicals, and Entertainers. I especially remember one of my teachers, Mrs. Brettnacher.

Geneva: How do you help or identify those in need?

  • People get in touch with me by any form of communication…except dm or Instagram.

Millicent: How do you use technology in work?

  • Every day. I have to hand-deliver sometimes when people can’t email. I use spreadsheets, email, and I firmly believe better communication is important.

Geneva: How do you stay organized?

  • Electronically…ignore my desk.

Millicent: What’s your favorite snack?

  • Cosmic brownies!

Geneva: What is your favorite book you’ve read for pleasure and school?

  • World According to Garp, Ben Franklin’s autobiography, and Aristotle works.

Millicent: Apple or PC?

  • PC, but Apple for my phone.

Geneva: What’s your favorite holiday? Season?

  • Christmas. There is something different for each holiday, but Christmas you give and get gifts. Also, I am sometimes asked to be Santa.

Millicent: If you could paint your walls any color, what would you paint them?

  • I have no clue where to start when it comes to interior decorating.

Geneva: How did you become a politician (university, name on ballot, etc.)?

  • You don’t even have to be a high school grad. I went to boys state which sparked some interest.

Millicent: What year did you graduate?

  • 2008 from Delphi and 2012 from Wabash College.

Geneva: What was your favorite class?

  • All of them: science, chemistry, and physics, calculus, Entertainers, and Mr. T’s class. I live as a learner, regardless of whether I liked the class or not. I always worked hard and always wanted to learn. I read a lot even if it’s not the best read. I want to learn and seek out information, but some things you have to learn on the fly.

Millicent: What were your main hobbies?

  • Football, wrestling, Entertainers, DARE, theatre, NHS, and Eagle Scout.

Geneva: What hobbies have you taken up as an adult?

  • I’ve started playing guitar, I’ve joined the Lions Club, and I’ve enjoyed playing golf.

Millicent: How many tough decisions do you make on an average day?

  • Less than one. An example would be the East Street problem. There’s no right answer but you try to do what’s right…you have to critically think and make the best of the situation.

Geneva: Do you ever have free time?

  • Occasionally. I enjoy working and the opportunity to tackle some problems. I also like talking to people in grocery stores.

Millicent: What do you love most about Delphi?

  • The people, hands down. There are always a lot of volunteers, and I believe that we become brave by doing brave acts. Our community fosters willingness to encourage, not by words, but by actions.