Falling in love with food

Falling in love with food

Emily Hudson, staff writer

Hay rides, corn mazes, jack o’lanterns, pumpkin spice, orange leaves, and sweater weather: it’s fall. After interviewing various people around the school about what their favorite fall comfort food is, it is apparent that there is a plethora of soothing food.

During fall there is no shortage of pumpkins, and now, these giant fruits are dominating the food industry. The rise of pumpkin spice lattes is especially prevalent at Starbucks and has changed the life of senior Madi McSwain. Senior Kylah Flores eats pumpkin spice oreos for her comfort food. From the middle school, Mrs. Thompson said the pumpkin pie Blizzard from Dairy Queen is a must-have. Meanwhile, Mrs. Lawton and senior Sabrina Conde enjoy a classic pumpkin pie. Pumpkin seeds are also a favorite with votes from sophomore Garrett Tomson and junior Sarah Rohrer. For another classic touch, Ms. Kreiling appreciates pumpkin bread.

With fall comes chilly weather, which means it is chili weather. Soup is a great comfort food as you eat it and feel your inside slowly warming up. Chili is a favorite of our very own Mrs. Circle. Butternut squash soup is an acquired taste, but goes especially well with cornbread, according to Ms. Doyle. Freshman Andy Mendoza commented that potato soup was his favorite feel-good fall food.

On a savory note, autumn is all about seizing every opportunity to eat a creamy mountain of buttery mashed potatoes. Mr. Brannan and senior Olivia Livingston both brought up my personal fall preference. Every get together is a proper excuse to eat as many servings of mashed potatoes as possible.

As trees change colors, the fruit trees ripen. Apple season gets revamped for fall with the possibility of smothering them in sugar. Many of our school’s teachers, such as Mrs. Circle, Ms. Kreiling, and Mrs. Hollingsworth, enjoy caramel apples. Mrs. Tyner was more specific, however, and said that apples must be eaten with hot caramel to ensure that you stay cozy. Senior Blake Ragan said candied caramel apples are even better than the average sugar-coated apple.

Every meal needs a decadent dessert and pie is just the thing to indulge in for fall. Junior Morgan Fritz and freshman Elijah Hudson both said apple pie was their choice of fall food. Similarly, senior Charley Fischer noted pecan pie as her autumn indulgence.

Snack time is consumed with many yummy treats. Candy corn cannot be overlooked when it sits on a table of goodies. Junior Seth Mesaros and junior Braxton Thompson both decided on candy corn for their fall snack.

If this has made you start craving your favorite food, visit allrecipes.com for the solution.