Best fictional places to visit for Spring Break

Some books are home to worlds much more attractive than ours.

Some books are home to worlds much more attractive than ours.

There are many places that make good Spring Break destinations, ranging from in-state to out of the country. However, even the best real vacation destinations can be topped by fictional places from books and movies. Below I have come up with four locations from books I have read that I believe would make great vacation destinations. 


  1. The city of Alexandria – Great Library Series

In an alternate universe where the Library of Alexandria didn’t burn down, the Great Library series focuses on the city of Alexandria and the center of knowledge that it becomes. The Library of Alexandria holds every book that has ever been written. Because of the vast hoard of knowledge stored in the library, Alexandria is a very safe place with many cultural centers from every corner of the globe. This is a great destination for anyone who likes knowledge and history.


  1. London – Predator Cities

After a near world-ending war, the cities of the world are made mobile to hunt down resources and other cities. The city of London is a tiered lumbering giant that is one of the greatest mobile cities in the world. While there are dangers to staying in such a predicament, the chance to see a city hunt should not be missed. While I would advise caution in visiting such a place, the views and opportunities presented by the whole city of London in a compact space should not be looked over.


  1. Endura – Arc of the Scythe Trilogy

The man-made city of Endura is a wonder of engineering. Placed in the middle of the ocean in a world where death, nature, and the weather has been overpowered, the city of Endura has no fears of its location causing problems, but enjoys all of the benefits of an offshore location. Included in the city are stunning views of wildlife, where you can choose what creatures you wish to have swim right up to the glass walls of the subsea levels. 


  1. Great tree of Avalon – Merlin Saga

Out of the magical seed planted by the wizard Merlin, the tree of life, Avalon, grew. In the roots of the massive tree of life several realms were born, each with a different environment ranging from dense forests to turbulent seas to barren deserts. Every creature has a home and coexists in these realms and the balance of nature is perfect. However, it might be hard to visit considering that man was banished for disrupting the balance of nature and enslaving the creatures living in the roots of Avalon.