Places to avoid this spring break


Elliott Kelly, staff writer

Every spring break the students of Delphi travel across the country, and some even further beyond, but for some of them the locations of their travels are mistakes. There are some destinations that are worthy of a good spring break, however, others are no-gos for anyone looking to have a memorable break. Below are some of the places to avoid and some reasons for doing so.


The entire Northeast

If you are traveling somewhere for this week off school, why would you go somewhere cold? There are better places for sights and weather conditions. If you want to see the Statue of Liberty, go in the summer when you don’t have to risk freezing solid. Also, the price tag of this trip would never be worth it. There are few places where you can spend more money and get less from it.  Do not go here, at least not for spring break, and instead try somewhere warmer.


If you thought a Florida beach was calling your name, it wasn’t, because beaches can’t speak. If you really want to go to a warm beach for spring break, consider a destination in Georgia or one of the Carolinas. Florida is a great location if you want to visit Disney, Universal, or all your classmates from school who had the same unoriginal thought. However, Georgia and South Carolina have similar temperatures and immensely more secluded beaches. These locations also have attractions and interesting things to do for those of you looking to enrich your trip.



If you’re not traveling to some exotic destination, then consider getting out of the house as much as possible. There are many places and things you could consider doing to pass the time. Chicago and Indianapolis make good day trip locations, and there are plenty of spots to visit for a solid one-day vacation. Whether it’s traveling to West Lafayette to walk the Celery Bog, going bowling or roller skating in Lafayette, or even making the trip to Kokomo to play laser tag at The Zone (I highly recommend it), there are many reasons to not spend the time at home.