Delphi students state their unpopular opinions


Jessica Powlen, Staff Writer

Many people feel afraid to speak their minds and don’t dare state a contrasting opinion to the majority.  However, a few Delphi students were brave enough to state their unpopular opinions which involved some issues that they couldn’t keep quiet any longer.  These students felt the need to educate their student body with what they felt was important and necessary for us to understand.  

Dawson Jordan, senior, stated “Chick-fil-A is overrated.” He continued to exclaim, “It’s good and all, but not that good.  So many places are better than it.  It’s just average.”  But, is this the case?  Chick-fil-A has been voted as the best fast food chain restaurant according to several sources.  In Business Insiders Fast Food Readers Choice Awards, this fast food restaurant won the “best overall” category, beating out Chipotle and McDonald’s.  So, the question remains: is Chick-Fil-A really overrated? What is your opinion on this? Comment below.

Lily Draper, junior, stated “The cookie part of the oreo is better than the cream part of it.” However, I don’t believe I have ever heard this opinion from any other individual.  According to a survey of 2,228 participants on, 16% stated they liked the cookie part more, 30% said the cream, 42% said they like them together, and 11% said N/A. It does appear to be that this opinion is less popular than liking the cream part of an Oreo better than the chocolate.  What do you think about this? Comment below.

Benny Garcia, senior, stated “Country music is just terrible.  I can’t listen to a country song without wanting to hit something.”  According to, a recent survey of 200 random people showed that 40 people like only rock music, 65 people like only country music, and 35 people like neither.  I have recently heard this unpopular opinion being more vocalized through our students.  Most students think this way for the same reason: all country songs are the same.  What’s your take on this matter?  Comment below.

Mazilyn Wilson, junior, stated “Root beer is nasty.” She continued to say, “Cold wings and pizza are amazing though.”  A number of people do enjoy root beer, especially root beer floats.  However, I will have to agree with Mazilyn on this one—root beer is nasty!  According to, the top 32 sodas were ranked and A&W Root Beer was ranked 27, Dr. Brown’s Root Beer 24, Barq’s Root Beer 20, Mug’s Root Beer 17, and Stewart’s Root Beer 14.  The results seem to be rather spread out, but root beer doesn’t seem to be at the top of the list for favorite sodas.  What do you think about root beer?  Comment below.

Luke Smock, junior, stated “Makeup isn’t necessary for girls to wear.” He proceeds to claim, “And cats are annoying as well.”  According to, “At least one in five young girls have negative feelings when they don’t wear makeup.” The site continues to inform, “Over 27% of girls who wear makeup rarely/never leave the house without it.  The places that makeup-wearing girls felt were acceptable to be seen without makeup were home (89%), pool or beach (84%), and gym (82%).  The places that were least acceptable were a friend’s house (67%) and school (58%).”  A survey about cats was also done on  Seventy-four percent of people said they liked dogs and only 41% said they liked cats.  What are your opinions on if girls should wear makeup, and whether cats are annoying?  Comment below.   

Many people hold back their beliefs and faith in things, repressing their strong feelings towards a subject.  These brave Delphi students grasped the opportunity to share and announce their clashing thoughts with the student body.  If you have any unpopular opinions of your own or if you disagree with any of these students, feel free to comment in the comment box below.