Focusing on the process rather than the event


Jessica Powlen, Staff Writer

Do you ever get tired and impatient if waiting for something that isn’t coming fast enough? Think of Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb.” Yes, the tune is rather pleasant, but the message that comes with the song is quite inspiring as well.  The song explains that it’s not about where you end up and what you achieve in your lifetime, but rather the journey you take to get there.  Take the time to enjoy and appreciate all of the encounters you have throughout your life.  Rather than focusing on how quickly you can achieve your goals and what you will receive in return, focus instead on the journey or “the climb,” as explained by Miley, all the while keeping the end in mind.

In today’s society, many people expect instant results for almost everything. This may be a reason why many people don’t stick to their personal goals and resolutions. We like the idea of a goal, but we don’t like the time or the process needed to reach it. Keeping your mind on the process may even allow you to enjoy the work in the moment rather than loathe it.  Focusing on the results could just remind you how far you have to go to get there.  Focusing on the present gives you the opportunity to experience every moment to the fullest and may help you learn things more quickly and easily.

Focusing on the journey will permit you to appreciate the outcome so much more.  We all know that one person who always gets what they want.  Usually those are the ones who take the easy way of getting what they want, whether that involves cheating or not.  You may think it unfair and corrupt for them to receive their wants so easily when you’re the one who puts in the work.  However, in the end, they won’t have that appreciation for their accomplishments.  You can never fully appreciate something unless you endeavor to do your absolute best.

Of course, your goals and end results are important, as they are the reason for putting in the work.  But, rather than agonizing over the process of reaching your goals, change the focus.  Focus on the journey and the process, and allow yourself to enjoy the moments and trials you take to get there.