Christmas ornaments showcase special memories in a special place

Christmas ornaments showcase special memories in a special place

Elliott Kelly, staff writer

Memories can be stored in many different places, from photos and videos to postcards and clothes.  One of the ways to preserve smaller, more personal memories is in Christmas ornaments.  While it might seem strange and ineffective, Christmas ornaments will make you think about things you had likely forgotten about in the eleven months between one Christmas and the next, yes eleven months because Christmas has essentially taken over all of December.

One of the most memorable kinds of ornaments, the homemade kind.  This dog that I painted in 2010 reminds me of the people who allowed me to make it, the two people who babysat me and my siblings through most of my younger years.  Thank you Donna and Ed.  This is one memory that I will always remember, and I’m sorry for all the trouble younger me caused.

Like any country or small town kid, I had a fascination with tractors as a young boy.  My tractor ornament reminds me of all the steam and power shows my dad took me to.  I remember loving the fresh cut wood pieces that we got every year.  And of course I can’t forget the long nights and longer mornings that came with staying up for the Idaville truck and tractor pull.  While I might not have the time to experience these events every year anymore, I will never forget the ones that I was able to witness.

A more recent addition, an ornament shaped to resemble California, is a reminder to our spring break trip to the Golden State.  The great biking trip that took us across the Golden Gate Bridge. Walking the steep hills in our search of beaches and sights.  I’m positive that even if I forget how it felt to walk the tight turns of Lombard Street, I won’t forget what it felt like to stand on one of the world’s wonders, and of course taste Ghirardelli chocolate straight from the source.

While it may seem strange, Christmas ornaments can be effective at keeping small intimate memories alive.  They have worked wonderfully for me, and I can assure you they will work well for you as well.  From marking your first Christmas, to reminding you of your passions, Christmas ornaments are a great way to store your precious moments.