Oracle Outlet opening


The Cervantes brothers donated their time to do the murals on the front windows of the store for free.

Ella Hudson, Staff writer

On Monday, August 22, the Oracle Outlet officially opened to students. A google form labeled ‘Oracle Outlet Order Form’ was sent out to the entire student body along with ‘Oracle Outlet Spirit Items.’ The spirit items form will change with the spirit weeks and a new form will be sent out when that happens. It is recommended that you save this email or that you bookmark it for future use. The Outlet itself is currently open to everyone every day of the week during class hours 1, 2, 3, A lunch, 7, and 8. It has not yet been decided if it will be open during 4, 6 and B lunch. 

Order forms that are filled out are sent to Life Skills students in the Outlet. Order forms should only be filled out if you actually want those objects and have the money to pay for them as it is currently cash only. That student will then fill the order with the support of a student mentor and get the order ready to be picked up by the student. Everything is organized so the Life Skills students will be able to find everything themselves and be able to ring up the products without help. If orders are not picked up in three days, the order will be terminated.

All types of school supplies are sold from folders to calculators. Candy can be sold only after school hours, so if you want candy, you have to order it after 3:45 to be picked up and eaten the next day. Also, students don’t have to order online, as they can just come into the store when they see that it is open. Different Life Skills kids will be in the Outlet throughout the week, so they all get the chance at this experience. 

The Oracle Outlet was mainly created to provide students with experience rather than to make money, so all things sold are moderately priced. They hope to have monthly spirit week sponsors as they rely on donations since they aren’t making money. Sponsors will get shout-outs at games and their name up on a sign in the Outlet. The first sponsors are the Cervantes brothers who donated their time to do the murals on the front windows of the Oracle Outlet.

The overall purpose of the Oracle Outlet is to provide students with money skills, team skills, and interaction skills. Mrs. Reef, supervisor and first sponsor of the Outlet, has spent countless hours and years trying to bring this vision to life, and it finally has come to fruition. Her original goal was to be able to serve food and drinks, and she still hopes to but has to be sure to comply with school regulations. Mrs. Reef’s hope for this year is that they will be able to get water running in the Outlet to be able to sell flavored drinks and iced coffee. Currently she is also working on a grant for a better computer for the online orders and a cash register to get the students a better work environment experience. 

Another one of the store’s purposes is to give students the opportunity to work with peer mentors. There are three returning mentors from last year: Colton Wilson, Mia Perez, and Ella Hudson. For the store to be able to be open all day, more student mentors are needed. If you would like to apply for these positions and have 4, B lunch, or 6 hour guided study, feel free to email Mrs. Reef. If you have any questions or problems with the google forms, email either Mrs. Reef or the actual Oracle Outlet email. Links for the google forms are provided below. 


Oracle Outlet order form-


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