Delphi’s historic Sandwich Shop under new ownership


The Sales family took over ownership in the beginning of October.

Emily Mears, assistant editor

In early October 2021, Kent Sales and his wife, Jennifer Sales, took over ownership of Delphi’s historic restaurant, The Sandwich Shop. 


After working in emergency services for nearly thirty years, Kent was ready for a change, and ready to take on a big challenge. He and Jennifer feel ready for it. “Pete Circle (former owner of the Sandwich Shop) has been a great help with the transition. We can’t thank him enough,” commented Kent. 


One of the many challenges involved in taking over any business is the paperwork and forms that are required, and that, along with familiarizing themselves with the restaurant, is keeping them busy at the moment. Currently the restaurant is open from 11 AM – 3 PM (Tuesday-Saturday), and those hours will remain the same for the rest of the calendar year when they will review their options. 


DCHS teacher Jordan Dowell has worked at The Sandwich Shop for seven years, since she was in high school. “I love the family feel the restaurant has. Not just between the employees but with the customers too. We have a lot of regulars that come in that we know by name and we have even memorized their order. Customers come in and ask us about our lives and our plans and it feels so nice to have so many people who care. I also really like the food! There are so many good options on the menu and it is truly the best place to eat in Delphi,” commented Miss Dowell. “I think the new ownership will be good. Kent and Jennifer have been so nice already, their hearts are in the right place, and I think they have the motivation to do it. We all have to remember to be very patient since they have never owned a business or worked in a restaurant so this is very new to them. I respect their efforts and I look forward to seeing their success and what they do with the place!”


Kent and Jennifer are looking forward to the fact that being local business owners will allow them to be more involved in the community. “[The best part so far is] being able to visit with the community when they come in for a meal.”


“We don’t really feel as though we ‘own’ the Sandwich Shop. We feel this is more Delphi’s restaurant. We are just going to oversee it for the next few years and maintain quality standards that our customers expect. The Sandwich Shop has been here since 1946 and will still be here for a long time.”