Annual apple orchard field trip to be virtual

Annual apple orchard field trip to be virtual

Jessica Powlen, Staff Writer

The field trip I’m sure we all remember, where we had the chance to pick golden delicious apples and witness a donkey magically transform into a horse, will not be a total loss for the kindergarteners of DCSC this year.  Due to COVID restrictions, the students won’t be able to attend McClure’s Apple Orchard; however, they will still be able to do such activities at the school building.  

Due to the school’s precautions this year, McClure’s will not be able to host Camden Early Childhood Center (CECC) for the first time since this year’s seniors visited as kindergarteners.  However, thanks to some creative planning, the students will have a majority of the same opportunities as they would if they were to actually go to the orchard. For example, to simulate the apple picking, teachers will place the apples outside for them to pick.  The kindergarteners will also get to have a picnic on the school’s playground for lunch, just like they would if they were at the orchard, only with the hope that the bees won’t join them at the school, like they would at McClures.

Mrs. Pyle, CECC’s head kitchen staff member, has graciously offered to bake apple cookies (McClure’s apple orchard’s recipe) for each student to enjoy, as well as apple fruit bars, for their picnic in the park.  McClure’s also donated apple cider and honey candies from the orchard, made from their own apples and honey, for the students to enjoy.  A few of the classes will also be able to try homemade applesauce made with apples the students supplied, which they are beyond excited about.  Sadly, students won’t be able to enjoy Mr. McClure’s entertaining presentation this year, but they will be able to watch a virtual apple orchard field trip video via YouTube of other apple orchards in the US, as they participate in their activities.

Though the school has decided against taking the kindergarteners there this year, the teachers of CECC strongly suggest planning a trip to the apple orchard with family or friends with proper precautions.  There are several events and activities that take place at the orchard such as hay rides, a pumpkin patch, a restaurant, and a brand new corn maze, which a high school senior in Peru created himself for his FFA project.  While at the orchard enjoying delicious apples, honey, a challenging corn maze, and relaxing hay rides, be sure to reminisce about your childhood field trip to McClure’s Apple Orchard.