Healthies coming to Delphi


Jessica Powlen, Staff Writer

The word is out! Healthies, a new business coming to downtown Delphi, is having its grand opening on Sept. 11. Healthies is located across the street from the Carroll County Courthouse, where Calico Plus previously resided.  Yes, the famous protein shakes and teas that you have seen posted all over social media will now be at hand, right here in Delphi.  Owners Shane and Melissa Chapman have been hard at work, preparing for the opening, and can’t wait to share the delicious beverages.  Healthies-West Lafayette has been kind enough to train Delphi’s new employees on their turf before the opening, while the construction has been progressing.  The construction crew has been steadily working for the past two months, building the interior, making the aesthetics of the store just as amazing as its drinks.

Prior to its grand opening, the City of Delphi celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Aug. 24, sponsored by the Indiana Fitness Club (IFC).  Along with that included a drawing for an individual to win a free shake combo every month for one year and the winner was Laurie Brower.  Healthies-Delphi has also hired faces and names you may recognize, including junior, Makaila Summers, junior, Lily Draper, sophomore, Katie Arthur, senior, Jessica Powlen, senior, Meghan Pearson and senior Noah Red Elk.

Healthies energizing teas are flavorfully unsweetened drinks that give a boost to the metabolism, consuming antioxidants as well as aloe to enhance digestion.  Flavors for the “basic” teas include gummy bear, peach mango, lemon shake up, skittles, watermelon, peach tea and new flavors on the way.  The energy bombs contain vitamins B6, B12, and biotin.  The energy bombs increase energy and are excellent sources to aid nutrition.  Energy bomb flavors include Baby yoda, Bahama Mama, Mango on the Beach, Captain America, Sharkbite, Tigers Blood, Pretty in Pink, and Little Mermaid, with possible new flavors on the way as well.   The Healthies shakes are meal replacement drinks, with flavors like caramel cookie crunch, peanut butter and jelly, strawberry shortcake, and breakfast frappe, with over 50 more flavors, many tasting like heavenly desserts.

Employees, as well as customers, at Healthies-West Lafayette have witnessed noticeably increasing numbers in their clientele over the years. It has become a well established business and it is expected to prosper in the Delphi location as well.