DCHS hosts Career Day Sept. 19


Ava Charnley, Staff Writer

With Career Day coming up on Sept. 19 DCHS students are getting excited, but are they getting excited for the right reasons? Most of us are excited because we get to get out of class for a couple of hours. But are we thinking of the reasons why we have a Career Day and how it can benefit us? 


With Career Day comes information about opportunities available to us after high school. It provides us with a snapshot of our potential careers of interest. High school doesn’t last forever, and we need to begin to look to the future. So what can we really take away from Career Day?


Mrs. Tonsoni, one of the staff members in charge of Career Day, wants us “to start thinking about a variety of careers that we are interested in. It is never too soon to start gathering information and making connections.” She said, “We want students to see themselves in a job that they will enjoy and to start figuring out what they can be do in high school to help make it happen.”


Some of us know exactly what we want to do after high school, others have no idea. Most of us are still marching to the beat of our own drum, hoping to bump into something that we want to do for the rest of our lives. While we are listening to the professionals talk about their careers, actually listen. Listen and think—think about what you want for your future. 


Mrs. Kirkwood, DCHS guidance counselor, didn’t have a Career Day when she was in high school so she was a little lost when heading to college. Just like most of us, she had no idea of what she wanted to do after high school. She didn’t get the chance to see all the different types of careers available. “I went to college thinking I wanted to be a journalist and found so many areas of interest for me to explore. I ended up in education and health care administration. I think if I had known about the health career jobs in high school, my life might have taken a different route after graduation.”


Dare to dream about the job you have always wanted. Take this chance and use it to make those connections and make you dreams come true. Mrs. Tonsoni “hopes that this experience makes students excited about their futures and motivated to work hard to make their dream career a reality.”