Project: solar power


Kristina Powlen and Emily Hudson

The Delphi Community School Corporation has almost completed its brightest idea yet. In an interview with Superintendent Briles, Parnassus got the scoop on the new solar project. If students are curious as to why the school is more lit this year, it’s from the new and improved LED lights installed in preparation for this project. Solar panels are being installed behind the high school tennis courts and will be completely set up by the end of October.

According to Superintendent Briles, this idea became apparent when he visited other schools beginning this very same type of project. He saw the benefits of using solar power along with LED lights and knew that it was for Delphi. Briles was forced to testify against Senator Hershman four times before having it approved because of a new bill that would have hurt the school’s benefit from the panels. Now, almost at completion, nearly 5,000 solar panels have been set up and 6,000 lights have been replaced. Mr. Briles affirms that the Delphi campus will now be brighter and safer.

The total cost of this project is estimated at $3.2 million, which does sound costly, but Superintendent Briles assures that in twenty years, the panels will be paid off and the school will be making a profit from them. The pros of this project far outweigh the cons. Mr. Briles stated that with using solar energy, there will be less money spent in the next 3 years than the past 17 years. Not only is this a less expensive way to access energy, but it is a clean way of generating energy with the sun and reducing energy through LED lights. Moreover, LED lights last up to 10 years and the solar panels will be functional for 35-to-40 years. Furthermore, with the long-lasting lights and lower expenses, more money can go towards the athletic and art programs.

In summary, the new solar project is extremely beneficial to all Delphi Community Schools. Mr. Briles aspires for Delphi to be spoken highly of and be viewed as a safe campus, and the completion of this project will demonstrate that. The community looks forward to this new project bringing about that change.