Mayor Evans needs you


Mrs. Tonsoni

Parnassus got the chance to Interview Mayor Evans.

Kristina Powlen and Emily Hudson

Mayor Shane Evans called upon Delphi Community High School to contribute to his vision for Delphi. The mayor has created a Strategic Planning push to outline the future goals of our town. His goals include that of residential improvements, commercial recruitment and expansion, and beautification propositions. Attached is the link to his ideas under the “2017 Draft – Strategic Plan.”

To get to the document outlining the plans, go to 

Hover over the Planning tab and click NEW! Strategic Planning.

Click on the 2017 Draft to download the document. Then, read the goals for the city of Delphi.


If you would like Mayor Evans to hear your input on the town, email him at [email protected]. He has highly encouraged each and every student to let him know of anything he has left out. Students should fill his inbox with feedback to improve our community.