Student Shoutout: Favorite Desserts


Rebecca Kelly, Staff Writer

The best way to end any dinner or to cap off the end of a long day is to indulge in eating dessert. Sitting down with a bowl of ice cream, a slice of cake, or a fresh baked cookie is a guaranteed way to release those wonderful endorphins that make us feel happy. While most of us have never met a bad dessert, we surveyed the DCHS staff and students to see what their favorite desserts were. Out of the 70 people that responded, 17% of students and staff chose cheesecake as their favorite dessert, 13% chose cake in general, 25% chose ice cream, 10% chose cookies, 14% chose pie, and 30% said “other things.” 


Ms. Armstrong: “My favorite dessert is tiramisu, especially my mom’s.” 


Death by Chocolate trifle is Levi Studebaker’s favorite dessert.


Gracie Spangler is a huge fan of strawberry cheesecake.


Kedzie Paz loves tres leches.


Desserts can range from something simple like a brownie or a cookie to a scrumptious homemade macaroon. Plus, eating dessert in moderation has been shown to reduce cravings and binges. Check it out here. So, go ahead and treat yourself. Bon appetit!