Overrated Halloween costumes

Overrated Halloween costumes

It’s that time of year again when the annual freak out comes: what to wear for Halloween. Personally, I feel like I see the same costumes repeated year after year. Here are some overrated costumes that you should avoid and that I hope to never see again.


1. Purge people

I often see people dressed up after the characters from the infamous The Purge movie. Normally you’d see this mask, or a mask of different colors, paired with a black hoodie and black sweatpants. I feel like the creativity is nowhere to be found in this costume. It’s very simple and unoriginal. The only effort you have to put into this outfit is purchasing the mask. Not only is this costume super popular, but it probably needs to be explained to the older generation when trick or treating. When the residents handing out candy ask, “Hey, what are you supposed to be?”, don’t be surprised if their response is a slow smile and a nod. 


2. Scream

Everybody recognizes the widely known Scream costume. Scream is a family staple during the Halloween season; therefore, most people would instantly make the connection when seeing a kid dressed up as this. However, similar to The Purge costume, this requires minimal effort. In order to create this outfit, all you have to do is make a trip to Party City. You will probably spend around 30 dollars just to have the same costume as five other people on Halloween. 


3. Onesies

Although it is cheap, cozy, and easy, onesies are overrated. If you wear a onesie on the one night where you can dress as crazy as you want, you are just “winging” Halloween. Wearing a one piece pajama set designed to look like your favorite character is cute, but only for bed. Where is the fun and creativity in this “costume”? Be different and unique on Halloween—don’t just take the easy way out. 


4. Cat

Cat costumes are okay on little kids, but as an adult, there are better options. It has been done too often and it seems like over 50 percent of the population has dressed up as a cat at least once in their lifetime.


5. Inflatable T-Rex 

Imagine seeing a small child wearing an inflatable T-Rex costume—it’s hilarious. The only problem with this costume is that it is impractical. The loud swishing it makes when you walk is irritating and unnecessary. One wrong move and the suit will be torn and will no longer inflate. Besides, this costume requires little energy and thought. 


When Halloween rolls around each year and you still can’t plan out a costume, please don’t resort to these options. Instead, try something original or cool. Have fun dressing weird.