Student shout-out: Best random food combinations

Student shout-out: Best random food combinations

As a long, grueling day of school comes to a close, many students go home and immediately crave a snack. Sure, there are the common go-to snacks like chips, cookies, maybe a bowl of cereal. How boring is that? Here are some DCHS students who crave strange and random food combinations at any time of the day. 

Cooper Cross likes a butter, peanut butter, and pickle sandwich.

Jayla Justice is a fan of mac n’ cheese with mashed potatoes and thinks it has a good flavor and texture when mixed.

Jayden Randolph likes to eat hot Cheetos in a bowl with milk like cereal. 

Zoe Callender thinks cream cheese and salami on a bagel is delicious. 

The only way Mr. Gilbert will eat green beans is with ketchup on them.


Whether you like eating strange food combinations or you prefer sticking to the basics, trying new things is a great way to take a small step outside of your comfort zone. Who knows? You might even find a new favorite food combination.